Melissa Barker, Archivist

About Me


My name is Melissa Barker and I am a Certified Archives Manager and Professional Genealogist and "The Archive Lady". I have been conducting my personal genealogy research in the Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania areas since 1990. In 2004, I decided to turn my avid hobby into a business in order to use my knowledge and skills to be of service to others with their genealogy research. I have a great passion for genealogy and family history. It is thrilling for me to be able to help others find their ancestors and family roots and tear down brick walls. My knowledge of the records available in the Tennessee and Kentucky area is extensive and is an asset to the research I provide.

I have conducted professional client research for the past 12 years and have helped hundreds of people locate information about their ancestors by going to various libraries, archives, courthouse and other repositories and have helped them break down their brick walls. I enjoy working with clients to help them with their genealogy research. 

I am also a Certified Archives Manager and I have been the Houston County, Tennessee Archivist/Records Manager since 2011. I was instrumental in helping to establish the Houston County, Tennessee Archives from the beginning. My passion for history, preservation of local records is an asset when it comes to having the knowledge of where to find records.

I am a member of: 

     -Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society.

     -Society of Tennessee Archivists

     -Society of American Archivists

     -Pro Gen Study Group Alumi, Group #1

In 2015 I started presenting genealogy webinars to various genealogical/historical and archival organizations. Lecturing, teaching and presenting online webinars is just another avenue where I get to teach others about the wonderful world of genealogy, researching in archives and records preservation.

In 2016, I started my own column entitled "The Archive Lady" where I answer questions about researching in archives and records preservation. The column is published bi-weekly in the GeneaBloggers online newsletter.